Benefits of Harrison Business Connection Membership

  • Business Growth
    • Membership in HBC provides connections to grow your business, expand client list and build relationships with other business owners. This forum offers a platform where members can discuss specific issues and challenges with others in a similar situation.
  • Networking
    • We conduct regular meetings featuring speakers on various topics, encourage open discussion and provide community updates. These meetings occur after business hours where you will meet fellow business owners/managers and civic leaders.
    • Networking with other members will result in new opportunities
  • Marketing
    • Enrollment in the membership directory enables other members to purchase your products and services, and provides business to business referrals
  • Expert Advice and Assistance
    • You will get assistance on problems/issues from peers who can offer guidance and expertise. Being on the membership directory enables you to connect with other businesses you can trust.
  • Community Recognition and Connections
    • Meeting and working together creates rewarding new friendships and partnerships and business name recognition.
    • Through volunteer opportunities and community involvement, you will enrich your business and personal life.